Marvel’s Greatest Comics #61

In this issue of Marvel’s Greatest Comics, the Thing has been transformed from the Ever Lovin’ hunk of rock that he normally is, to regular old human, Ben Grimm.

Johnny Storm's girlfriend kissing Ben Grimm

Apparently his new mug is so rugged and manly, Johnny Storm’s girlfriend can’t keep her hands… or lips, off him! Johnny’s reaction is classic… bursting in to flames and everything.
Johnny’s girl just can’t seem to see why her behavior is completely inappropriate.

Johnny Storm angry

She has a point Johnny, only a child would be angry that his girlfriend locked-lips with his best friend right before his eyes. Get over it you wimp! Also: Johnny Storm aren’t your initials… that’s your full name.

Meanwhile Reed Richards finds out that there are “strange electro-flashes” in his wife’s blood cells. He worries that this could cause their child to be born… a FREAK!

Reed Richards baby is a freak

Let’s hope not, Reed. If your child is born a freak he certainly wouldn’t fit in with a dad who can stretch his entire body like silly putty, a mother who can become invisible or an uncle who can burst in to flames and fly.

The scene shifts from the hospital to the Thinker’s now defunct hideout where several Police Officers are in the midst of impounding his equipment.
A couple of cops come across a container. Despite the large obvious sign which reads “Don’t open in room temperature” they open it to fnd a large android built by the Thinker. The exposure to the air activates the android and he goes ballistic, fighting his way through the cops and in to the streets.

It turns out that the android was programmed to hunt down the Wonder Gloves which Ben just so happens to bring along to a restaurant where he reveals his human appearance to Alicia, the love of his life. The android ends up ripping the whole restaurant to pieces in order to get to Alicia who ends up with the box that contains the gloves. Why she has the box, I have no idea, but it leads the android to her.

Ben attempts to battle the android off. During this fight, the android gives us a gripping introspective that I found to be pretty funny.

Android introspective

Android introspective

Ben Grimm can’t stop the brute, so he uses the gloves to turn himself back in to the Thing in order to protect Alicia.
The funny thing is, not only does his skin go rock hard again, but his Daisy Dukes appear in a flash!

Thing's dukes

The message behind this story seems pretty clear: being a freak isn’t good, but it’s the only way to win a fight.

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  1. lol, but honestly the point of the story was that Ben was willing to sacrifice his human appearance in order to fight for the woman he loved

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