Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1

I finally gave in to my every growing fixation on the zombie genre and purchased Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness issues 1 and 2 this past Wednesday.

This series takes place before the original Marvel Zombies series and tells the story of how the Marvel characters in this alternate universe became infected.

Marvel Zombies was weird enough on it’s own, but turn it in to a crossover event and it gets even stranger. It is revealed in this issue that the zombie infestation began with an attack by the Sentry, and Ash from Army of Darkness was there to witness the whole thing.

Although this series isn’t as well written as the original Marvel Zombies mini-series, (this series is written by John Layman while Marvel Zombies was written by Zombie King Robert Kirkman) it’s still a fun series to read. I’ve never picked up an Army of Darkness book, but that doesn’t matter as the dialog and story is heavier on the Marvel side. Even though Ash is pretty much the main character, the zombies are the stars.

Overall this series is doing what it’s supposed to: getting me excited for the 48 page Marvel Zombies: Dead Days one shot written by the greatest comic book author ever: Robert Kirkman.

To tell the truth I’m actually looking forward to the 4 issue Black Panther zombie series as well.

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