Fear Agent #11 and the Move to Dark Horse

Fear Agent usually concludes each issue with a brief Tales of the Fear Agent story in the back of the book, which usually has a guest artist and writer.
Fear Agent #11 takes this concept to the next level by dedicating a fully issue to a Tales of the Fear Agent story. Although it is still written by Rick Remender, it leaves the main story arc behind and takes place 8 years in the past where Heath is on a mission to exterminate a species of spider called Sepliots. He ends up ducking out on his mission and getting drunk in a bar, all the while he’s consuming what looks like caviar, but turns out to be spider eggs. They hatch inside of him and threaten to destroy him if he can’t find a way to get them out.
This is an excellent issue. If you haven’t picked it up, do so immediately. It’s creepy, gross and funny. It’s also philosophical and extremely well written.
The art (Francesco Francavilla) and color (Michelle Madsen) is awesome as well.

Fear Agent #11 marks the end of the title’s time at Image Comics. Rick Remender has made the decision to move his comic to Dark Horse where things will be done a little differently.

According to the letter left by Rick Remender at the end of issue #11, after the switch to Dark Horse, each story arc will be four issues long and will restart at #1. The first story arc will be drawn by Tony Moore, the second story arc will be by Jerome Opena on art. After that Tony and Jerome will rotate out on each arc.
This is very exciting news. Tony Moore is one of my favorite artists and I’ve been hoping for his return to the Fear Agent title.
Remender also promises more full issue Tales of the Fear Agent comics. I would actually love to see Tales of the Fear Agent broken out in to it’s own series, each issue being a stand alone story, but let’s just take it one step at a time.

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