Green Arrow #73

Looks like times are a changin’ again for Oliver Queen… again. First the infinite crisis hit which caused Ollie to head to a remote island where he learns assassin-ninja techniques from Natas, then he fights off a veritable army of assassins hired by Natas to kill him. Then it’s back to Star City for the Green Arrow where he becomes the Mayor and starts cleaning up his old digs.

At the very end of Green Arrow #72 we find out that Ollie’s secret funding of the Outsiders has been revealed. Green Arrow #73 focuses on Ollie’s own personal crisis. It turns out he signed a deal with his competitor Nudocerdo, a dirty cop who will surely win the seat of Mayor as Oliver’s approval rating has slipped to next to nothing due to his secrets.

This particular issue was no thriller, rather it was setting up for events to come. It looks like the Green Arrow will be losing his role of Mayor. That’s not really such a huge deal since he’ll be losing his entire comic two issues from now.

While Green Arrow certainly isn’t the best comic on my list, it definitely out ranks others, such as Wonder Woman and even the recent issues of Superman and Action Comics. I’m not sure what DC plans to do with this title. I know it will make a return at some point, but I have no idea when this will happen.

DC announced the end of the Green Arrow a while back at the Wondercon DC Nation Panel.

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