World War III Book One: A Call to Arms

World War 3 Began today with the release of 52 #50. This is the mini event that 52, the weekly series from DC Comics, has been leading up to for the past year.
This review will be littered with spoilers, so turn back now and wait for the review if you want to read this series and be surprised.

Book One begins in Week 45 Day 5 after the Infinite Crisis. Black Adam is walking the streets of Bialya where he has just slaughtered millions of innocent people in order to get to Death (one of the manufactured four horsemen of the apocalypse). He encounters the Martian Manhunter and easily defeats him, allowing the Manhunter a glimpse of his mind which is black with the horrors of death. Manhunter freaks out and ends up retreating in to space.
Five weeks later the entire world is in turmoil as nations rise up to stop Black Adam’s rampage of destruction.

Lots of little things happen in this issue. Rather, lots of epic things happen in a very short amount of time.

Martian Manhunter has a nervous breakdown.
Martian Manhunter having a nervous breakdown in space

Father Time gets his face ripped off in mid air as he confronts Black Adam while wearing a jet pack.
Father Time getting his face ripped off by Black Adam
Jason Todd assumes the identity of Nightwing, stops a robbery, claims he’s going to kill the robbers and makes off with their loot. The great Pyramids are destroyed, Black Adam kills millions of people and the entire world is in chaos.

So far I’m a slightly disappointed in World War 3. It feels like little more than a rushed extension to 52. I will wait to pass judgment on the series as a whole when I finish reading and write a review article (will appear on this site later tonight).

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