World War III Book Three: Hell is for Heroes

Check out WWIII Book One and Book Two summaries first. Spoilers are next.

In week 50 day 5 the Justice Society are busy cleaning up in the wake of Black Adam, and trying to help his victims.In Greece at the Parthenon Black Adam squares off against the Teen Titans. It’s a pretty one sided battle that ends with Young Frankenstein getting his arms ripped off.
Young Frankenstien getting his arms ripped off by Black Adam

On day 6 the obnoxious Teen Titans confront Adam once more. This time it’s an arial battle high above the Himalayas. This battle ends with yet another dead Titan, as Black Adam power punches his fist through Terra’s chest… and right out of her back!
Terra getting a hole punched through her chest by Black Adam

Throughout this issue Martian Manhunter walks cloaked among the people of the Earth observing events as they happen. At the end he reveals his true identity to the police at the precinct house in Denver, Colorado where he used to pose as detective John Jones.
After that he travels to his former base of operations, the Terrel Building and burns it all down.

Watching the Teen Titans attempt to battle Black Adam was truly a gratifying sight. I really hate them so it was fun to see them get utterly decimated by a demigod.

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