World War III Book Two: The Valiant

Earlier today I summarized World War III Book One: A Call to Arms. As was mentioned in that article, spoilers will abound in these summaries, so skip over them if you’re planning on reading World War 3. I’ll be doing an overall review later tonight.

In World War III Book One, we left off with the Martian Manhunter hugging his knees while floating in space, and mentally tapping in to the goings on of Earth.
In Book Two: The Valiant, Supergirl returns from the future and we gain more insight on Aquaman. His ocean lair is disturbed by humans who wind up in the sea, but somehow are kept alive (some force of magic perhaps). Aquaman asks the sea gods for help, and they give him a power that he can’t control to rid the ocean of humans. After using this power he is transformed in to a strange creature with a water arm.

As in book one, a few smaller events are touched upon:
Harvey Dent fights Croc and appears to strangle him to death and Deathstroke tries to manipulate Batgirl.

At the end of the book the Martian Manhunter gains gathers himself together and prepares to fight.

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