Exclusive Dark Knight Returns Set Photos

Freak Comics embedded source, whose name will remain undisclosed, risked jail time (or at least getting his phone confiscated) earlier today, snapping these restricted photos for us. Click the images for a larger view.

The first one is a nice shot of the Gotham National Bank sign (actually a modified post office on Van Buren in downtown Chicago). The cranes have lights to make it nice and bright inside… perhaps mimicking sunlight.

Gotham National Bank

Next is a larger view of all the cranes.

Gotham National Bank

And finally we see what this scene might be building to:

Gotham National Bank

Looks like a school bus is actually inside of the “bank”. You can see it in the second window. This merely looks like a reflection in the photo, however my source confirms that there was no school bus in sight… rather the bus was inside of the building. To the far right of the photo is a portion of the building that was actually added on for the film (the part of the building which is lower than the rest). It’s built of plywood. According to my source, the bus is facing the fake portion of the building and the cameras are positioned to the left of the bus facing it. It appears that the bus is a getaway vehicle for the robbers and they plan to smash through the phony portion of the building.

I’m hoping to stop by the set and get a few more photos later tonight. They are hard to come by as the security guards are confiscating any recording equipment (including cameras) from anyone who snaps a quick pic.

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