First Iron Man Image… Marvel is not Web Savvy

So the first Iron Man image has been released by Marvel on the internet. The hilarious thing is Marvel’s piss poor attempt at creating buzz around the image. Their news post screams “Look, we just learned how to use the interwebs for fun and profit!”.
Case in point:
Marvel claims that the image in question recently surfaced. They then go on to point out that “With filming underway, it could be the real deal, but no confirmation has been given.”

How stupid do you think we are, Marvel? Of course confirmation has been given you simps… you just posted it on your site with the Marvel water mark stamped proudly across it!
If you’re going to release an image and make an attempt at a viral marketing campaign, give the image to one of your employees and instruct him / her to give it to a friend who will then post it on his / her blog and say they got it from an inside source who leaked it. Then you act angry that the image was leaked or just keep your mouth shut altogether.
Under no circumstances should you post the image in your official news section and claim no knowledge as to whether or not it’s authentic. Why didn’t you just post a virtual wink while you were at it?

3 responses to “First Iron Man Image… Marvel is not Web Savvy”

  1. Yeah, the Marvel website itself is terrible, so I could have told you that they were internet dumb. Oh well, it’s nice to see a photo since i heard that the movie had been trashed after the animated version came out.

  2. The trailer does make the movie look pretty amazing. I have slightly elevated hopes for this film.
    I really doubt that War Machine is in it however, being that the released image of the grey suit is the original Iron Man costume that Tony Stark builds while in captivity.

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