Freak Comics has been revived

If you happened upon this site at some point yesterday and in to today, you most likely were forwarded to This is because I accidentally allowed my registration to lapse. I was able to register today and get it up and running again, and I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

You may also wonder why my writing has slowed to a snail pace these past few weeks. There are several personal reasons (sickness, broken limbs etc.). I haven’t lost my passion for writing and will continue to bring what you hopefully consider quality content. This coming week I have several reviews on the way. I’m also working on a new design as the current one was a bad choice from the start.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. Things will be picking up again soon!

3 responses to “Freak Comics has been revived”

  1. You like this design? Thanks for the compliment… I’m not really huge on it though. I’ve had this one going for a few months now and I’m thinking about switching to something a little more simple.

  2. I do, it’s simple and I like the watercolor and paper texture a LOT. The only change I’d make (and this is a personal preference) is to tone down the archives. But you’ve got a lot of good stuff in there so I see why you’d want that in a position of prominence.

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