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A few days ago I received a comment from Kourosh Rahimpour, the genius behind Batman Defenders of the Night and it’s sequel, Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal. It turns out that Kourosh Rahimpur (Batman) and Arvin Tounian (Robin) have teamed up once more for a third installment entitled Batman: Return of the Dark Knight.

Bruce Wayne is back and he has made a snap decision to give up his role as Batman. Meanwhile Robin decides to become a man by shucking his role as the Boy Wonder… but will the sudden appearance of the Joker bring them back together?

I was absolutely thrilled to see this video. Kourosh refuses to give up despite the fact that most people (including myself) have bashed his previous work in to the ground… instead he seems to thrive on it.
Unfortunately this installment isn’t quite as humorous as the previous two (Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal was particularly hilarious).

In this, the third installment, Kourosh and Arvin are obviously drunk on their own infamy as is evidenced by the many street scenes which involve the not-so dynamic duo running around in full costume, chasing down the Joker. It was nice to see the addition of Alfred… I’d like to see a bit more of him in the fourth installment that is sure to come out soon.

Keep up the bad work guys, this stuff is highly entertaining!

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