The Pod (The Dark Knight)

Speaking of Batman’s ride, it seems that he’ll be cruising on what they’re calling the Pod (I will be calling it the bPod), which is just a unique motorcycle.
I’m really undecided on this thing… it looks pretty cool, but seeing Christian Bale’s stunt man zipping down the street with his cape flapping in the wind should look nothing short of ridiculous. I have a lot of faith in this movie, so I’m going to keep my hopes high that Christopher Nolan knows what he’s doing and that the bPod won’t ruin an awesome sequel.

Check out this video of the bpod. I’m terribly sorry, but I couldn’t find a better video of this thing. If you watch this, you’ll have to put up with crappy MSN, an annoying commercial before hand, and even worse: Al Roker… yikes!!

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