Batsignal and Other Props (The Dark Knight)

Here are some pictures I managed to snap today. I have an excellent view of the set of The Dark Knight from my office.

This first one is of the back of the Batsignal. Plastic protects it from evil. The Tumbler is parked inside of this parking garage.
Batsignal with worker
Here’s the Batsignal again… this time wit a random set hand in front of it.
Fake Street Lights
Here we see some fake street lights… why are street lights going to be on a roof? Weird. Maybe they’ll be moving these to the street level portion of the set.
Building with worker
Here’s a building with a worker on top. I believe they’ll be filming from this roof for some long shots.
Craine with worker in front of building
Here’s the same building with a worker on a crane in front of it.
Another building with same worker and craine
Here’s another building with the same crane and worker. It’s right next to the one above. Both this and the one above are across the street from the building where the Tumbler is parked.

Update: I didn’t realize it the first time around, but everything in the first two photos on top of the roof is fake. This was being filmed on top of a parking garage… and parking garages don’t have duct work. I watched them tear it all down today. Interestingly the bat signal’s glass was smashed out. I wonder if someone smashed it, or if this is part of the movie… very interesting (didn’t have my camera on me today or I would have snapped a pic).

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