Batmobile (Tumbler) Reaction

Apparently I took the only decent photos of the Tumbler in Chicago because I’ve gotten quite a reaction. I made it to the home page of digg early Tuesday afternoon, my site went down for a while and of course, the thieves came out to play.
Left and right people started snatching my pictures and posting them to their own blogs… some of whom hot linked (that was dealt with swiftly and harshly)… others showed the pics and gave me credit (that counts as fair use and is the right way to do it as far as I’m concerned), and still others decided to pass them off as their own.

Two of my favorites are these jerks:
Here I left a comment that is awaiting moderation and will most likely never see the light of day:
“I’m not sure who told you those came from New York, but I took them and they’re from Chicago (Last time I checked NY doesn’t have an elevated train).
If you’re going to steal my pictures, you should at least get your facts strait.”
Here my comments made it through, but will most likely be deleted:
“Hi, thanks for stealing my photos jerk. The pictures were taken yesterday in chicago. You’re a douche bag.”

My second comment was just a link back to my original article.
It was fun getting those pictures and rushing them on to the internet. It’s also fun getting a big reaction and getting some recognition. Although it’s maddening and sad that people will steal my stuff and pass it off as their own, It’s also rather entertaining… especially the misinformation that these pictures were taken in New York. I can only imagine that the sub-par bloggers involved in spreading this false info saw the pictures and arbitrarily assumed that since they were taken in a big city, they must have been from New York. Perhaps said bloggers are from rural locations and are too stupid to search their sources before stealing and making glaring mistakes.

Update: The bloggers of both articles have decided to give me credit now.

4 responses to “Batmobile (Tumbler) Reaction”

  1. You overreacted a bit, man. I wasn’t attempting to steal any content. Your site was down when I first posted, and when you commented I updated it with a link to you.

    Based on your comments it seems that you have some serious issues to work out, but whatever, thanks for sharing the photos regardless.

  2. You updated with a link because I called you out. You posted the photos as being in New York and without any recognition that you pulled them from my site.
    I don’t have any issues… I’ve already worked them out by posting this article. Thank you for your concern, and I’m glad you liked the pics.

  3. Those pictures are so awesome!!! I had no idea they are filming in Chicago. Did they drive it around/ into anywhere or just bring it out for show/promo?

  4. Kristen:
    they’ve been filming in Chicago for almost a year I believe. The Tumbler that I took photos of was being unloaded from the truck in the first couple of photos and driven in to a parking garage. On top of the same garage is the Batsignal and some fake street lights.
    Very near the parking garage is the basecamp where the actor’s trailers sit.

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