Batman #667 The Island of Mister Mayhew

I am a fan of Grant Morrison, Especially when it comes to All-Star Superman. However I haven’t been all that impressed with his run on Batman. I’m not saying it’s bad (aside from issue #663 which was absolutely horrible), it just is not what I was expecting… until issue #667.

The story starts with a nude man strung upside down from the ceiling. His death appears imminent as ominous words are spoken from his captor. Cut to Batman and Robin in the Batplane who are flying off to join a washed up super hero group, known as the Club of Heroes (a bunch of Batman knock-offs from various nations), on the Island of Mister Mayhew. None of them know why they’re there but a tragedy soon befalls them, and mystery ensues.
I won’t ruin the story by saying anything more. If you haven’t read the issue yet I highly recommend it.

batman #667 pages 2 and 3 Pages 2 and 3 of Batman #667.

The art in this comic is beautiful. It’s so refreshing to open a comic book and actually see interesting panel arrangements and water colors (or at least water color filters) rather than the slapped together feel that so many comics today have. J.H. Williams III did this us right on this one!

The whole comic (art and story) has a tiki culture air about it which is just cool. Overall I couldn’t be happier with Batman #667. It has me hooked and is a great 3 issue arc, don’t miss it!

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