Mice Templar #1 The Prophecy Part 1: The Calling

There is nothing better than a creator owned comic. The dedication and love that goes in to every aspect of each issue by far surpasses anything you’ll read in a main-stream, corporation owned comic.
Mice Templar, written by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming, is no exception.

Mice Templar Click for a larger view

Mice Templar tells the tale of Karic, a young mouse who reveres the Templar. The Templar are Ancient guardians and dedicated mice warriors who follow the ways of Kuhl-En, a mighty warrior priest. However long ago the Templar turned on each other and are now seen as something of a legend… a bedtime story to tell children, they are no longer believed in.

Mice Templar Click for a larger view

Think Lord of the Rings with mice instead of hobbits and rats instead of orcs. Mice Templar is fun to read and even more fun to look at. The artwork is beautiful. Michael Avon Oeming does a wonderful job depicting action scenes with mice in the middle of a forest… in my opinion not the easiest thing to draw.

My one complaint with this series is that I had a difficult time distinguishing between characters and keeping them strait in my head. However it’s very possible that I’m alone in this, and it really didn’t ruin the story.

I truly enjoyed reading this comic and as I neared the end found myself longing for the next issue. The art is beautiful, the story is epic, and the dialogue is poetic. Read this comic!

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