Walking Dead #40 Review

Although I might not write about every single issue of the Walking Dead, I sing Robert Kirkman’s praises on a constant basis. I tell all my comic book buddies to read the Walking Dead (if they don’t already). I tell my wife to read Walking Dead and she has barely even touched a comic book, let alone read one. Unfortunately no matter how much begging, insisting or threatening I do, some people just refuse to give it a try. To them I ask: what on Earth is wrong with you?
This is the greatest comic book ever written and you are missing it! If you aren’t following The Walking Dead, stop reading this article right now, call your local comic book shop and order the trade paperbacks (or the awesome hard cover). I’m serious, do it now. This comic is best read from the beginning onward.

Issue #40 is wonderful… it’s easily one of my favorite issues of the last several months, and not even one zombie appears in the comic! It’s a breather issue in which we’re reminded that these people don’t have it all that bad, even though the world is quickly turning into a useless and hostile environment.
In issue #39 Dale was bitten by a Zombie. I was pretty horrified when this happened because I really like Dale. I didn’t want to see him die, and thankfully after the events of issue #40 it looks like he just might pull through. How many comic books out there make you feel bad when a character is killed? How many make you wish that a character could be time traveled back to life after they kick the bucket? One, it’s called The Walking Dead, and fortunately the characters never come back to life unless it’s as a flesh eating zombie!

In this issue we also get to find out that Rick and Lori’s baby girl’s name is Judith. This almost makes me want to have a second daughter and name her Judith… almost.
I also really love the fact that Shane was mentioned by Dale in this issue. That is one of the greatest parts about The Walking Dead. Kirkman doesn’t just stop talking about things that happened in his book a few years ago. Instead the events are brought up as though they happened recently, because in the comic they did.

So since I’m a huge zombie fan, and this issue didn’t include any zombies, and this is a zombie book, why did I enjoy it so much?
The answer is simple. Robert Kirkman is a genius. His writing style is so wonderful, so realistic, that I can honestly put myself in the story like no other comic I’ve ever read, nor any movie or television show I’ve ever watched. He is the Ray Bradbury of comics.
Also, it has an ad on the back for a Walking Dead poster. That’s wonderful news and I’ve alrady pre-ordered mine. And, In the back of the comic, Kirkman claims the Walking Dead statue by Clayburn Moore will be on sale very soon… this is also wonderful news and I plan to order mine as soon as I can. But the greatest part about issue #40, is that it’s going to be followed by issue #41 tomorrow, which easily makes Walking Dead the best weekly comic book to date (screw you DC Comics).

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  1. ****SPOILER ALERT****

    The Walking Dead is by far my favorite comic to date, it’s also incredibly depressing. WHY DID THEY KILL TYRESSE?! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!

  2. I was pretty upset by the death of Tyrese too. He was a great character. I am glad however that Kirkman has no problem killing off favorite key characters.

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