Punisher War Journal #12: World War Hulk tie-in

Months ago I talked about Punisher War Journal and how it’s one of my favorite comics. It’s action packed, well written, and constantly considers the blurry line of justice.

World War Hulk has been a pretty decent read thus far, albeit rather slow moving. I’m not much for tie-ins and as soon as I saw that World War Hulk would be crossing over with my beloved Punisher War Journal I expected a boring issue. Thankfully I wasn’t bored in the least.

Punisher War Journal #12: World War Frank, was a fun one-shot story. It managed to show Frank as a warrior and a protector. A blood thirsty vigilante with the people’s best interests in mind.

In this issue, Frank (Punisher) arrives in New York after a massive evacuation of the city only to find it overrun with Sakaar warriors… and a few stragglers who were left behind in the city. Frank does his part in helping the left-overs escape, while fending of hoards of Sakaar.
The final battle between Punisher and Mung the Inconceivable is gratifyingly gory, and Frank’s temporary new suit looks incredible. I would actually like to see that thing stick around for a while.

Most importantly, Punisher War Journal manages to remain true to it’s style even while crossing over with World War Hulk. That’s not easy to accomplish, and certainly isn’t seen in too many titles.


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