Proof #2 Review

This issue was more intriguing than the last. We discover that The Lodge houses more than just an oversized furry man-ape, it’s also home to various species that are on the verge of extinction, or thought to have been extinct.
It also houses mythological creatures, that for the sake of the comic are said to be real. Fairies, Dodos and even the Dover Demon thrive in a mysterious controlled environment at The Lodge.

This issue centers around Ginger Brown (the newest addition to the lodge, a former cop).
In addition to the revealed nature of the lodge, we get a bit more insight as to what drives Prufrock (Ginger Brown’s Bigfoot partner) .

Unfortunately Cryptoids still abound throughout the comic. Cryptoids were my number one complaint in my review of issue #1, and they still are, although I must admit they were rather interesting to read this time. Perhaps these would be better served as a footnote.

I have also complained a bit about the odd way Proof #1 was split in to two separate stories that tie in to one another, and #2 does this again. This time however, it did not feel as awkward, perhaps because I was expecting it.

I like the way Proof is shaping up. I am a big fan of cryptids (especially of the mythological variety), and it looks like Proof is going to be chalk full of them.

Proof #2 is set to release on November 28th, 2007 so be sure and reserve a copy today.

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