With Great Power Comes Spider-Man!

You’ve seen how Spider-Man became Peter Parker, but now you’ll find out just what happened next! In the tradition of Spider-Man: Reign, Silver Surfer: Requiem and Captain America: The Chosen comes the newest Marvel Knights series—Spider-Man: With Great Power #1 (of 5). Critically-acclaimed writer David Lapham (Stray Bullets) joins renowned artist Tony Harris (Ex Machina) for a look at the early days of Spider-Man!

“I think this is the story you want to see,” said Lapham. “It adds to the man Peter becomes. It may shock you, but at the same time, I think people will identify with it the same as they’ve always identified with Peter.

“We know he gets bit by a radioactive spider, gets amazing powers and a swelled head, lets a criminal go, and then that criminal kills his uncle. That’s big stuff. Life-changing stuff. But let’s put on the brakes. What was that about amazing powers and a swelled head? Yeah. We’re missing some GOOD stuff. Lapham territory. In Amazing Fantasy #15, on page 9, in the first panel we have the caption that says ‘In the days that follow Spider-Man becomes the sensation of the nation.’ A completely unspecific period of time. The salad days. The rebel days. The days before Uncle Ben gets killed. That’s what excited me about doing this story. Uncle Ben’s death really brought it all together.

“But there were many details that went into Peter having that ‘great power/great responsibility’ epiphany. He had to go out and sow a few wild oats and learn a few life lessons. If he didn’t, I think you could’ve come out with a more vengeful Spider Man or a broken Spider Man.

“For my part, I think of it less as an origin story and more just a coming-of-age story. I’m not trying to change what we know, just expand on and tell a story about a repressed boy finally coming out of his shell. It’s harder-edged than I think we’ve seen before. Peter’s really playing around with the corruption of his soul here. So in a lot of ways you’ll see the worst side of him, but keep in mind this is a boy who’s lost his parents. Who’s been beat up and repressed his whole life. Let him have his fun. He’ll learn some lessons along the way which will drive the decisions he’ll make after Uncle Ben dies.”

With Great Power promises to shed light on important moments that defined Peter Parker, revealing unknown secrets about Spider-Man’s earliest days! Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Spider-Man: With Great Power #1 (of 5), as previous Marvel Knights series have sold-out almost immediately!

Spider-Man: With Great Power… #1 (of 5)
Written by David Lapham
Pencils & Cover by Tony Harris
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—1/10/08, On-Sale—1/30/08

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