Supergirl #24 Ghosts of Krypton Part 2: Star Child… The Final Straw!

After two years of waiting for a decent story line, Supergirl has failed me for the final time.

Two years ago I started reading Supergirl. The first several issues had decent art (if you like Michael Turner) minus the fact that Supergirl looked to be in her early twenties rather than her supposed age of 16.
The story lines were pretty basic and terrible: Supergirl fights people and then befriends or proves herself to them. She fights her inner demons and struggles with her identity. This was hardly a bad premise for a back story, however the execution was poorly done time and time again.

Issue #24 of Supergirl was brought to us by writer Kelly Pucket and pencilers Drew Johnson and Lee Ferguson. It concludes the two issue arc, Ghosts of Krypton, yet another story in which Kara attempts to prove what she can be to herself and the people around her.
In part 1, Supergirl attempts to find a war ship in deep space and almost suffocates, and that pretty much sums up Issue #23 (great pace, eh?).
In Part 2, entitled “Star Child”, Kara bursts through a portal (in her shower) just in time to catch her breath. She finds out that Superman not only found the ship, but also discovered a way to look back at Krypton from 30 light years away.
This prompts yet another flash back to Kara’s Kryptonian past… and that does it for issue #24.

The story of Krypton’s past has been done so many times in the pages of Supergirl (and Superman for that matter) that I have completely lost interest in Krypton and am now glad it was annihilated.
The constant repetition of Kara’s past makes me want to burn every issue of Supergirl I have in my possession.

Supergirl #24 has more than a terrible story. It also contains really awful dialog.
Consider this particularly bad exchange between Supergirl and her father:

Zor-El: “So are you analyzing that ghentta flyer or just watching it? You going to be a scientist like mom… or a ranger like your father?”
Kara: “I’ll be what I want to be. Once I figure that out. And rangers smell like bgzzt poop.”
Zor-El: “Is that… a challenge? Are you challenging me?”
Kara:Yes. I’m challenging you not to smell like poop!”
Zor-El: “Aha! Very good. Then prepare yourself, little one–”

Prepare for what? For her father not to smell like poop? What in the name of Krypton was Puckett smoking?
This whole exchange reads like a poorly translated Japanese anime. And why is Zor-El dressed like Han Solo?

I really wanted to see this comic book get good writers, but it was not meant to be. I can’t waste another dime or moment on this series. Although I have threatened to drop it time and again in the past, this time it’s for real. As of issue #24 I am officially through with Supergirl. I dropped this terrible excuse for a comic book from my reading list, and I urge you to do the same.

Good-bye Supergirl, it was a rough two years… you will not be missed.

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