Perhapanauts Keep Coming!

Hot off the heels of this February’s PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL, Craig Rousseau and Todd Dezago return this April with the ongoing adventures of everyone’s favorite crypto-zoological super-team!

“Getting PERHAPANAUTS out on an ongoing basis has been a goal of ours since its inception,” said writer Todd Dezago. “As fans of the series know, we have a love for introducing background elements that eventually become major players later on. While we highly enjoyed our previous mini-series, this new ongoing series will allow us to fully explore all the ideas we’ve had brewing for years!”

PERHAPANAUTS is a book that features quite a few familiar faces from urban legend, but with an entirely new view. Bigfoot – yes, THAT bigfoot – heads up a team consisting of psychics, paranormals, dimension hoppers and even a chubacabara against menaces from beyond the outer edges of reality!

Artist Craig Rousseau said, “Drawing PERHAPANAUTS would be any artists dream come true – the book features all the best parts of superhero stories and tales of terror with a good balance of heart and suspense. It’s a cliche, but here’s it’s true – we’re set out to make a book where anything is possible.”

PERHAPANAUTS #1, a full-color ongoing series for $3.50, will be in stores April 16th, 2008.

perhapanauts #1 cover

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