Heath Ledger Found Dead

So, everyone is freaking out right now about the death of 28 year old actor Heath Ledger. I am rather upset by this news. He was a very good actor. Thus far the police suspect drug overdose (accidental or not they have not said).

This touches somewhat close to home for me being that I’m seriously looking forward to The Dark Knight, not only because it will be an awesome movie, but also because I was in it as an extra. Now the premier will be tainted by the knowledge that Heath Ledger is dead.

2 responses to “Heath Ledger Found Dead”

  1. Not to imply his death isn’t tragic; but I think it’ll be interesting to see how this will affect the success of Dark Knight. As sad as it is, I’m sure someone at the studios is salivating over the increased viewers this’ll attract.

  2. That’s the truth. Being that this is Ledger’s last film, plus the anticipation this film has already built, I’m guessing it will be the most successful Batman film ever made.

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