Suydam & The Skrulls Cover Fantastic Four #554!

Marvel is pleased to unveil Arthur Suydam’s powerful Skrull variant to Fantastic Four #554! Kicking off the hotly-anticipated World’s Greatest story arc by the Ultimates dream team of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, this is the issue no Marvel fan can afford to miss! Suydam’s cover hearkens back to the legendary Fantastic Four #2, featuring the first appearance of the terrifying threat known as the Skrulls!

Fantastic Four #554 (DEC072181)
Fantastic Four #554 Bianchi Variant (DEC078057)
Fantastic Four #554 Suydam Skrull Variant (NOV078182)

Written by Mark Millar
Pencils & Cover by Bryan Hitch
Variant CoVer by Simone Bianchi
Skrull Variant Cover by Arthur Suydam
Rated A…$2.99
FOC—1/24/08, On-Sale—2/13/08

fantastic four #554 cover

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