The Amazing Spider-Man #545: A Review and Final Comments on One More Day

Recently I reviewed The sensational Spider-Man #41 (One More Day part 3). A few days ago I finally had the chance to sit down and read the final part of One More Day and much like everyone else on the internet, I’m not very happy with the outcome.

When last I reviewed One More Day, Peter Parker and Mary Jane were facing a deal with Mephisto: he would keep Aunt May alive if the two long time lovebirds would become un-married. Reject the deal, and Aunt May dies. So with only 24 hours to decide, Peter Parker proves he’s a loser and takes the deal, leaving the final choice up to Mary Jane who would also need to accept for the deal to be legitimate. She also agrees to the terms under one condition: the memory of Spider-Man’s identity (revealed during the Civil War) would be erased from the public’s minds.
Just like that, the deal is done. Mary Jane Parker is just plane old Mary Jane Watson again. She, Spidey and the rest of humanity have no recollection of their past together.
Spider-Man is still an unregistered, wanted hero, but no one remembers his identity, and Aunt May is alive and kickin’.

Breaking up Spider-Man and Mary Jane would be an OK story concept, perhaps even bold. However to destroy years and years of story is not bold or inventive, it’s just stupid. Taking a deal with Mephisto that erases everyone’s memory about Sider-Man’s true identity is a cop-out. Why even reveal it in the first place? Oh right, I forgot: increased sales.

But the horror does not stop with the erasure of Spidey’s marriage. It seems that Harry Osbourne is back from the dead and is great friends with Peter once more. Spider-Man also has mechanical web shooters back (actually that’s a good thing) and horror of horrors: Mary Jane is a Super Hero.
I’m going to give this series a month or two and if it fails to keep me interested, I’m dropping it. I should really drop it on mere principle. I keep hoping that the whole deal will be reversed, although I am very sure this is wishful thinking.

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  1. I thought it was a lame cop-out too. I was so excited for there to be a possibly darker spidey that is a fugitive from the law.

    Instead we get some stupid alternate reality type world. Peter is even kissing some other chick!

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