Reign of the Super Dead!

In celebration of THE WALKING DEAD #50, Image Comics announced a limited 1-in-100 superhero variant cover
featuring the art of SAVAGE DRAGON’s Erik Larsen and INVINCIBLE’s Ryan Ottley, but due to the unprecedented level of demand and retailer
suggestions the cover will now be 1-in-25.

“My original intention was to make this a super-rare, limited thing, since the cover itself is so misleading as to what the book actually is. I didn’t want people to be confused and think
I’d changed the book drastically. Although, based off feedback I’ve decided to make it much more accessible,” said Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman. “I hope those readers and retailers
excited for the cover enjoy it as much as I do.”

Since 2003, WALKING DEAD has chronicled the post-apocalyptic journey of Rick Grimes, his family and the other survivors they meet along the
way. Series artist Charlie Adlard has given the title a very distinct, bold sense of horror and adventure, but with this superhero cover
Kirkman went with a very different approach by having Image Comics Publisher and SAVAGE DRAGON creator, Erik Larsen, team up with
INVINCIBLE’s Ryan Ottley to create a WALKING DEAD homage like none other.

Erik Larsen said, “When Robert told me the original idea, I thought it was crazy – which meant I had to be on board! The combination of my
pencils with Ryan’s inks created an art style far different from what either of us do solo. I’m really hoping we can work together again!”

WALKING DEAD #50 (FEB082109), a black & white comic book for $2.99, will be available on April 23rd, 2008. The Erik Larsen & Ryan Ottley
superhero variant will be available as one for every twenty five copies ordered.

walking dead #50 super hero variant cover

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