Marvel And Soleil Announce New Joint Publishing Venture!

Marvel, in collaboration with acclaimed French comic publisher Soleil, is proud to announce that they will be publishing some of Europe’s most popular comics in English for the first time! Producers of cutting edge science-fiction and fantasy comics loved across the world, Soleil’s an industry leader in bringing fresh voices to the comic medium with their diverse offerings. Now American audiences can discover why talent from all over the world line-up to produce to high-quality graphic novels with Soleil!

Some of Soleil’s most popular releases, such as Sky Doll, Universal War One, Samurai and Le Fleau Des Dieux, make their English language debuts beginning this May. The first release will be Sky Doll #1 (of 3), a timely socio-political thriller in which a young android must decide her destiny by challenging the very government—and faith—that has controlled her life.

“Marvel’s proud to bring Soleil’s innovative stories to new audiences,” said Dan Buckley, Marvel President of Publishing. “These books represent some of the world’s top talent telling cutting-edge stories in a variety of genres, demonstrating the power of the comic medium.”

“At a time when French comics need to reach new markets, I am very proud to bring the iconic heroes of the Soleil catalogue to the publishing adventure of Marvel in the USA. Leader of the American comic book entertainment, Marvel is a very powerful symbol of our medium built on innovation and entrepreneurship, two of my most treasured values”, said Mourad Boudjellal, Founder and CEO of Soleil / MC Productions.

Soleil appeared on the comic scene in 1988 and quickly moved into publishing both classic comics by hot, young talent and series targeted towards younger audiences before buying great classics (Mandrake, Tarzan). Publishing science fiction, heroic fantasy, westerns and action comics from superstars such as Arleston, Tarquin, Mourier, Crisse, Swolfs and Ange, in addition to promising young talent, Soleil quickly established itself with a catalogue of powerful graphic novels.

Lanfeust, Soleil flagship fantasy title, is today a standard reference series and the keystone of the company: over 5 million books sold since 1994.

A top comic book publishing company in France with thousands of comic books in its catalogue, Soleil is producing over 250 new books per year and keeps expanding in other worldwide markets. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as both a leader in the fantasy genre and a major force in the European comic book market.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on all Marvel/Soleil releases!

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