New Exiles #1 Sells Out, Returns With New Printing…And New Exiles #0!

Marvel is pleased to announce that New Exiles #1, from legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and fan-favorite artist Tom Grummett, has sold out at Diamond! Introducing an all-new, all-different group of your favorite X-Men from different universes, New Exiles sets these guardians of reality on a quest that they may not survive! Just what world have they crashed on? And how is it connected to the failure of that world’s would-be Fantastic Four?

To meet the overwhelming demand for this issue, Marvel is going back to press with New Exiles #1 Second Printing Variant, featuring the interior art of Tom Grummett on a new cover!

But, True Believer…there’s more! Enter the double-sized New Exiles #0, reprinting key stories from Exiles #100 and Exiles: Days Of Then & Now, plus other bonus material! Perfect for fans new and old alike, this special provides a look into key moments from the Exiles’ past and sets the stage for a major story that will rock their world (and multiple universes) in 2008!

The New Exiles have finally come together as a team, but on their first mission, will they all make it back alive? Don’t miss a single issue of New Exiles as this team boldly launches into an all-new, all-different era!

New Exiles #0 (DEC078103)
Written by Chris Claremont & Mike Raicht
Pencils by Tom Grummett, Zach Howard, Arnold Pander, Wayne Nichols, Mario Gully, Paul Azaceta & Carlos Ferreira
Cover by Various
Rated A …$4.99
FOC—2/7/08, On-Sale—2/27/08

New Exiles #1 Second Printing Variant (DEC078102)
Written by Chris Claremont
Penciled by Tom Grummett
Cover by Tom Grummett
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—2/7/08, On-Sale—2/27/08

New Exiles #2 (DEC072229)
Written by Chris Claremont
Penciled by Tom Grummett
Cover by Michael Golden
Rated A…$2.99

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