Captain America #34: Lost and The Red Skrull

I was reading Captain America #34 today (yes I realize I am late to the party) when I noticed this possible typo in the synopsis page.
In part it reads as follows:

Bucky agrees to don the costume of Captain America and go after the Red Skrull.

This sentence obviously should have said, “Red Skull”. Was this an accidental typo or a sly attempt to generate some buzz by Marvel?

Perhaps Marvel is just so obsessed with Skrulls right now that they can not keep their finger away from the ‘R’ key when typing out the word Skull.

There seems to be a few other observant readers who noticed this possible error, and they are as curious as I am.

There was another viral ad displayed within one of the actual panel’s of this comic. There is a page where Tony Stark discusses his intel on the faked death of Aleksander Lukin with the Secretary of the State. Various screens surround them displaying news feeds and maps. On one rather obvious screen that Tony and the Secretary happen to be facing is a reporter. At the bottom of the screen there are captions that read

Dr. Jack Shephard. The Lost.. are Found? Details can be found at is a viral advertising campaign (passed off as a “fun interactive game”) for the television show Lost, and Jack Shephard (as any self respecting geek should know) is one of the main characters.

Interesting bits of trivia for those who like this sort of thing.

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  1. I’ve been trying to keep track of all the LOST tidbits Marvel’s been including in their comics. I haven’t picked up Cap #34 but I knew that there was one in there somewhere.

    I think it’s a pretty interesting marketing idea.

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