Update for All My Loyal Readers

Greetings. I have failed to update Freak Comics in quite some time. This does not mean that I have given up, it does mean that I am extremely busy, and most recently extremely sick. I will be back soon with more frustrated observations and elated reviews very soon. Thanks for hanging out and being cool about my absence.

In the meantime, checkout the new Incredible Hulk trailer if you want to see two CG animations almost fight.

5 responses to “Update for All My Loyal Readers”

  1. Your “I steal content from freakcomics.com. I also have sex with little kids in my mom’s bedroom” image is a fine way to thank people that link to your blog.


  2. Ty,
    The anti-bandwidth-stealing image is not a thanks to people who link to my blog, it is a payment to the people who steal my bandwidth by hot linking my images.

    The solution is simple: feel free to link to my blog, but don’t use images hosted on freakcomics.com on your site. Right clicking and uploading to your own server is very easy.

    Also: thank you for getting mad on the internet, it’s always good for a laugh.

  3. Oh, I’m not mad. You seem to be the one lashing out.

    After all, if you were really concerned about your bandwidth, you would just remove or rename the image. Replacing it with some obnoxious “anti-bandwidth-stealing” image uses up the same bandwidth.

    But then, you wouldn’t get that false sense of superiority, would you?

    Now that’s good for a laugh.

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