Axe Cop – the Greatest Comic Ever Written

I haven’t posted a single thing in a very long time. In fact, it’s been almost a year since my last pitiful excuse for a post.

I haven’t wanted to write. I simply haven’t felt inspired. I had overwhelmed myself by reading too many comic books. In fact my hobby had become a chore, and once a hobby becomes a chore, it’s time for that hobby to die.

However my love for comics wouldn’t die, and I suspect it never will. I thought long and hard about deleting this blog. Overtime it had become a den of negativity. Post after post I complained like a whiny fanboy and praised only a handful of titles. Although I stand by my tastes I found myself wishing I had spent less time complaining and more time talking about the titles which truly deserve to be talked about.

So I decided to come back and write once more, but still I was uninspired. I felt as though I needed the right thing to come along and bonk me on the head. Something that would rejuvenate my love of comics and force me to write once more.

I absolutely did not expect my enthusiasm to be revived by a comic book written by a five year old boy.

Axe Cop is an amazing comic created and written by Malachai Nicolle, age 5 and features art by his brother Ethan Nicolle, age 29. The age difference and the fact that the two are brothers instantly sparked my interest.
Reading through the first issue I was reminded of my own comics which I wrote at a very young age, and now here I am, nearly Ethan’s age… and I feel like a kid again.

But beyond forcing me to long for my youth, Axe Cop is actually good. In fact it’s hilarious, and not in a malicious way. In many ways it is reminiscent of the Tick. From the black and white art to the heroes and villains that seem to poke fun at the cliché nature of comic books in general.

Of course the tongue in cheek humor really comes from the art of Malachai’s brother, Ethan. But the stories wouldn’t work if they weren’t written by a five year old. The real humor comes from seeing a child’s take on the world of super heroes. A world he seems to take seriously… but only as serious as a kid can really get: head-chopping plays just as big a role as candy canes, unicorn magic and killer robots.
I honestly have no complaint with this comic. It’s fun to read, makes me feel young again and left me wanting more.

Over time I’m confident more Axe Cop will be released, and I fully plan on reviewing each coming issue here.

All six issues are posted on the official Axe Cop site, however at the time of this writing the site’s account has been suspended due to an unexpected increase in traffic from Reddit. Thankfully someone uploaded all six pages to imgur. Once comes back up I’ll change these links to point to their rightful home.

Axe Cop #1 Axe Cop #2 Axe Cop #3 Axe Cop #4 Axe Cop #0 Axe Cop #5

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