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  • The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

    I bought a brand new Blu-Ray player and The Dark Knight a couple days ago. I’m slightly disappointed. There are very few special features. The IMAX scenes look amazing, but they just make the standard HD scenes much more obvious that they aren’t filling up my 16:9 aspect ratio television. The constant shifting between aspect […]

  • All-Star Batman and Robin #10… now with F-Words!

    I’m late to the party with this news, but All-Star Batman and Robin #10 has some crazy swears in it. Apparently it was a mistake and DC is recalling all issues to correct the problem… by burning the tainted issues. Thankfully I have one of the problem issues. I’ll post pics when I actually get […]

  • Johnny Depp as the Riddler? No Thanks

    I have the utmost faith in Christopher Nolan’s abilities. When I first saw the trailer for Batman Begins, I had no desire to head to the theatre. In fact, I waited for the DVD and was completely blown away. I kicked myself a few times for missing it’s theatrical release and hoped for a sequel. […]

  • Fear Agent #22: I Against I Part 1 of 6 Review

    I’ve been hooked on Fear Agent since it first came out more than two years ago. After making the move From Image to Dark Horse Comics, this series has only managed to get better. The current Arc, I Against I, is shaping up to be yet another great story line. When last we left Heath […]

  • Action Comics #865 The Terrible Toyman

    I know Geoff Johns must have written a bad comic at some point, but if he has I haven’t read it yet. This issue was excellent just like everything he’s ever written. Warning: there be spoilers in this review. Action Comics #865: The Terrible Toyman gives us a glimpse inside the Toyman’s psychotic mind as […]

  • Wolverine: Get Mystique!

    If you have not been reading the Wolverine Get Mystique arc, then you are missing out. The premise is this: Wolverine has been ordered by Cyclops to hunt down and kill Mystique for her betrayal of the X-Men. Wolverine is happy to comply, and the chase is on. Mystique repeatedly gives Wolverine the slip just […]

  • Update for All My Loyal Readers

    Greetings. I have failed to update Freak Comics in quite some time. This does not mean that I have given up, it does mean that I am extremely busy, and most recently extremely sick. I will be back soon with more frustrated observations and elated reviews very soon. Thanks for hanging out and being cool […]

  • Captain America #34: Lost and The Red Skrull

    I was reading Captain America #34 today (yes I realize I am late to the party) when I noticed this possible typo in the synopsis page. In part it reads as follows: Bucky agrees to don the costume of Captain America and go after the Red Skrull. This sentence obviously should have said, “Red Skull”. […]

  • Heath Ledger Found Dead

    So, everyone is freaking out right now about the death of 28 year old actor Heath Ledger. I am rather upset by this news. He was a very good actor. Thus far the police suspect drug overdose (accidental or not they have not said). This touches somewhat close to home for me being that I’m […]

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #545: A Review and Final Comments on One More Day

    Recently I reviewed The sensational Spider-Man #41 (One More Day part 3). A few days ago I finally had the chance to sit down and read the final part of One More Day and much like everyone else on the internet, I’m not very happy with the outcome. When last I reviewed One More Day, […]