Category: Press Release

  • It’s The Ultimate Smashfest—Hulk vs Iron Man!

    The Hulk is back, and he’s not happy! In Ultimate Human #2, the dream team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord continue their sold-out Ultimate event, unveiling a dilemma even bigger then the grey goliath himself! After a failed attempt by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to figure out how to turn off […]

  • Joe Quesada Returns to The Colbert Report January 29

    This Tuesday, January 29, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada checks back in on the man currently holding the mantle of Captain America…Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. Colbert can’t seem to get enough of our very own Joe Q. During his previous appearance on the show (July 27, 2006), Quesada shocked Colbert with the news that Captain America […]

  • Marvel And Soleil Announce New Joint Publishing Venture!

    Marvel, in collaboration with acclaimed French comic publisher Soleil, is proud to announce that they will be publishing some of Europe’s most popular comics in English for the first time! Producers of cutting edge science-fiction and fantasy comics loved across the world, Soleil’s an industry leader in bringing fresh voices to the comic medium with […]

  • New Exiles #1 Sells Out, Returns With New Printing…And New Exiles #0!

    Marvel is pleased to announce that New Exiles #1, from legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and fan-favorite artist Tom Grummett, has sold out at Diamond! Introducing an all-new, all-different group of your favorite X-Men from different universes, New Exiles sets these guardians of reality on a quest that they may not survive! Just what world […]

  • Reign of the Super Dead!

    In celebration of THE WALKING DEAD #50, Image Comics announced a limited 1-in-100 superhero variant cover featuring the art of SAVAGE DRAGON’s Erik Larsen and INVINCIBLE’s Ryan Ottley, but due to the unprecedented level of demand and retailer suggestions the cover will now be 1-in-25. “My original intention was to make this a super-rare, limited […]

  • It’s Time To Find Out… Just Who Is Jackpot?

    Amazing Spider-Man #550 (NOV072129) Written by Marc Guggenheim Pencils & Cover by Salvador Larroca Rated A …$2.99 FOC—1/24/08, On-Sale—2/13/08

  • Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #5 and The Luna Brothers’ the Sword #4 simultaneously sell out!

    Despite significant overprints, two of Image’s best-selling titles, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #5 and THE SWORD #4, simultaneously sold out at a distribution level. “Everyone on the Death Dealer team couldn’t be more excited as this marks our fifth sell out,” said Frazetta Comics editor Jay Fotos said. “We’re very thankful for Frank’s loyal, rabid […]

  • The Twelve #1 Returns With A New Printing!

    Marvel is pleased to announce that the critically-acclaimed The Twelve #1 (of 12), which sold out at Diamond, is going back to press with The Twelve #1 (of 12) Second Printing Variant. The new cover, featuring Chris Weston’s interior art, depicts a stunning team up between the Twelve and The Invaders! “This series is an […]

  • Nova Rockets Into His First Annual!

    The repercussions of Annihilation: Conquest reveal a look into the Human Rocket’s past, and even his future, in the extra-sized Nova Annual #1! Following the events of Nova #10, Richard Rider has pushed himself to his very limits. After the Phalanx infected the last centurion with their insidious transmode virus, Nova fought to free himself […]

  • Suydam & The Skrulls Cover Fantastic Four #554!

    Marvel is pleased to unveil Arthur Suydam’s powerful Skrull variant to Fantastic Four #554! Kicking off the hotly-anticipated World’s Greatest story arc by the Ultimates dream team of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, this is the issue no Marvel fan can afford to miss! Suydam’s cover hearkens back to the legendary Fantastic Four #2, featuring […]