Category: Press Release

  • Ultimate Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

    Spider-Man is the quintessential lone hero, but when he finds himself in a situation where he’s way out his league, Spidey’s going to need a little help from his friends…his amazing friends, that is! That’s right, Iceman from the world-famous mutant team X-Men and the Ultimate version of Firestar (making her debut in this story) […]

  • Road Trip from Hell

    Urban Monsters hit the road this February!

  • Iron Man Continues the Adventure In New AdverVideos!

    Fans all over the world thrilled to the first groundbreaking Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos last week, as your favorite heroes were brought to life like never before! In the second AdverVideo, Iron Man arrives on the scene to take on a seemingly unstoppable foe—but will his genius and amazing suit of armor be enough? Or […]

  • When Gods Clash…Hercules Must Battle The Eternals!

    Incredible Hercules #116 Written by Greg Pak Penciled by Rafa Sandoval Cover by John Romita Jr. Rated A …$2.99 FOC—3/27/08, On-Sale—4/16/08

  • Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Returns With An All-New Collection!

    For years, fans have clamored to learn about the early days of New York Times Best-Selling author Laurell K Hamilton’s popular protagonist Anita Blake—and now the answers arrive in all-new story written for comics! Marvel is proud to present Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The First Death HC, collecting Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita […]

  • Back on the Horizon!

    The Infinite Horizon Returns to Store Shelves!

  • From The Ashes Of Messiah CompleX Comes X-Men: Legacy!

    X-Men: Legacy continues the aftermath of Messiah CompleX, centering on the lives of Professor X, Magneto, Rogue and Gambit. With the X-Men no more, mutantkind must look to the past as they move forward into a future like you’ve never seen before! Similar to the acclaimed X-Men: Deadly Genesis, this ongoing series promises to reveal […]

  • With Great Power Comes Spider-Man!

    You’ve seen how Spider-Man became Peter Parker, but now you’ll find out just what happened next! In the tradition of Spider-Man: Reign, Silver Surfer: Requiem and Captain America: The Chosen comes the newest Marvel Knights series—Spider-Man: With Great Power #1 (of 5). Critically-acclaimed writer David Lapham (Stray Bullets) joins renowned artist Tony Harris (Ex Machina) […]

  • Iron Man & Hulk Team Up In Revolutionary New Animated Advervideos!

    Marvel is pleased to announce that True Believers can now experience the team of Iron Man and Hulk in a series of groundbreaking Marvel Adventures Animated Advervideos! This series of advertisements, created, in a fun video format, were developed to promote the popular, all-ages Marvel Adventures line of comic books. In this action-packed thrill-ride Marvel […]

  • The New Avengers vs The Hood—The Final Round!

    It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for, as the Hood takes his army to the New Avengers’ door for the battle royale in New Avengers Annual #2! Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man), rising star artist Carlo Paulayan (She-Hulk) and acclaimed cover artist Jim Cheung (New Avengers: Illuminati) continue the […]