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  • Newsarama’s Didio Interview

    Newsarama posted an interview with Dan Didio last Friday about the strange DC teaser image that has so many people talking. It’s definitely a symbolic piece of art (which was obvious before being confirmed) and has many clues scattered within. The only real information that Dido gives out is that the picture reflects events yet […]

  • Tales of the Unexpected #4

    this has been a really fun series to read. Seeing the Spectre hand out his own unique brand of vicious justice to the worst of the worst makes you wonder if Batman and the rest are going about their jobs in the wrong way… and that’s why I loved issue #4. Batman makes an appearance […]

  • New releaes page

    Rather than including new releases in it’s own post each week, I decided to create a new releases page. I will update this every Monday with the new shipping list from Diamond.

  • Urban Outfitters super hero themed shirts

    Prepare to wear your secret identity on your chest. Urban Outfitters has a small collection of t-shirts that make you look like a super hero… or at least a huge geek. Styles include Batman, Robin and of course, Superman. If you ask me Urban Outfitters is driving a pretty steep bargain at $28 a pop.

  • Four Free Avengers MP3 files

    Marvel has released a CD containing music that was used in the Ultimate Avengers movie. If you’re thinking about picking it up, head on over to where they’re giving away four free MP3s. Personally I can’t see why anyone would want to listen to this stuff.

  • Blade #5 Cover

    I’m not a Blade fan, but I can’t resist posting the cover of Blade #5 because it’s just that cool. Enjoy!

  • The New Fantastic Four?

    Looks like Michael Turner has dome some cover art for Fantastic Four #544, which seems to be featuring a new FF team consisting of Storm, Johnny Storm (no relation of course), the Thing, and Black Panther. Marvel’s ploy to sell issues has worked on me… I’ll be picking this issue up and if it’s any […]

  • Save the Cheerleader… buy a Heroes vinyl sticker

    If you’re a fan of NBC’s Heroes you should head over to my friend’s ebay site and buy one of his vinyl static stickers. Speaking of Heroes… I’ve never seen the show. Being a huge fan of comics, I am kicking myself for not watching this one. I skipped over it figuring it for a […]

  • Helpdesk recommends Persepolis

    If you’re looking for a non-traditional comic book, Helpdesk Magazine recommends Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. Good review, check it out.

  • Shortbox newest Freak Comics feature

    Sometimes I get the urge to write something very brief. I hate to do this in the main content section of the site, so I’ve created this new sidebar. I am calling this short post category Shortbox. If anyone would like to have this broken in to a separate RSS feed, comment and let me […]