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  • Action Comics #865 The Terrible Toyman

    I know Geoff Johns must have written a bad comic at some point, but if he has I haven’t read it yet. This issue was excellent just like everything he’s ever written. Warning: there be spoilers in this review. Action Comics #865: The Terrible Toyman gives us a glimpse inside the Toyman’s psychotic mind as […]

  • Action Comics #858 Review

    Well this was an unexpected surprise: a comic book featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes that left me satisfied and wanting more. Action Comics #858, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part One features yet another tale about the Superman worshiping youths of the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes. These kids are all over the DC […]

  • Action Comics #854 3-2-1 Action Part 3: ‘Pal’

    3-2-1 Action is a 3 part story spanning Action Comics 852 – 854. Kurt Busiek has maintained a pretty steady flow of good dialogue and interesting plots during his run on Action Comics, and he continues to maintain a good level of quality even during a tie-in with DC’s worst comic, Countdown. I’ve stated a […]

  • Supergirl #20 No Good Deed…

    No more Joe Kelly obviously doesn’t mean no more bad story lines. Supergirl #20 is just as disjointed as any other issue of Supergirl. This is due to the entire issue being an Amazons Attack tie-in. Quite honestly I’m getting sick of all these random tie-ins. Both Superman and Action Comics have been stuffing Countdown […]

  • Green Arrow #73

    Green Arrow is on his way out of the office… and out of a comic.

  • Supergirl #16 Surprisingly Not Terrible

    I have done nothing but bad mouth Supergirl lately and was all geared up to take down Supergirl #16 when something unexpected happened. It turned out to be a fairly decent issue. As you may or may not know, Supergirl is constantly haunted by her sordid past with memories of killing people on Krypton at […]

  • Action Comics #847

    No sooner had I written about Superman deviating to lesser characters mid-way through a story arc, than I picked up and read Action Comics #847. Action comics has been a pretty solid title as of late thanks to the combo of Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert. Unfortunately these two greats have nothing to do with […]

  • Superman #660 the Prankster

    What has gotten in to Superman as of late? One moment we’re reading the Camelot Falls story arc, in which Superman finds out he is the cause of mass destruction in the near future. The next thing you know, we’re reading pointless filler stories about minor characters. First we follow around an old woman who […]

  • The Fate of Supergirl

    We’re all sick of Supergirl. DC knows this… now what do they plan on doing about it?

  • Action Comics Annual #10

    48 Pages of Fluff