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  • Batman #665

    Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert were made for each other. Although I wasn’t particularly thrilled with some of the story developments, I’m now over the whole “Batman has a kid” shock, and have moved past Bruce Wayne’s adoption of Tim. Issue #665, The Black Casebook, is setting up for what seems to be a very […]

  • Batman: Return of the Dark Knight on Youtube

    A few days ago I received a comment from Kourosh Rahimpour, the genius behind Batman Defenders of the Night and it’s sequel, Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal. It turns out that Kourosh Rahimpur (Batman) and Arvin Tounian (Robin) have teamed up once more for a third installment entitled Batman: Return of the Dark Knight. Bruce […]

  • Detective Comics #831

    I wasn’t all that impressed with this issue. It featured Harley Quinn who is stuck in Arkham Asylum and is up for a hearing. The vote comes down to Bruce Wayne who turns her down. On the way back to her cell, the guard breaks Harley out of prison. It turns out the guard is […]

  • Detective Comics #828

    When I was a kid I watched lots of cartoons, Tom and Jerry being one of them. As most people know, Tom is a cat, Jerry a mouse, and they hate each other just like cats and mice in real life do. And just like real life, they would light each other on fire, smash […]

  • Detective Comics #825: Cliche and Boring

    I nearly fell asleep out of sheer boredom while reading this issue.

  • Superman / Batman Annual #1 Review

    A great lighthearted comic.

  • Action Comics #241 Retro-Review

    Get ready for an old-fasioned jabbing!

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  • Wednesday’s releases

    It seems that I stupidly forgot to post Wednesday’s releases on Wednesday! Sorry about that… better late than never.