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  • Joe Quesada Returns to The Colbert Report January 29

    This Tuesday, January 29, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada checks back in on the man currently holding the mantle of Captain America…Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. Colbert can’t seem to get enough of our very own Joe Q. During his previous appearance on the show (July 27, 2006), Quesada shocked Colbert with the news that Captain America […]

  • Captain America on the Colbert Report

    Captain America’s death is the subject of the Word on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

  • The Death of Captain America: Get Over it!

    Everyone is abuzz over the Death of Captain America. Apparently he gets shot by a sniper in Captain America #25… but I didn’t read that for myself, it’s all over the news! On Wednesday Captain America #25 was released and it’s already selling out like crazy at various comic shops. My copy is tucked safely […]