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  • The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

    I bought a brand new Blu-Ray player and The Dark Knight a couple days ago. I’m slightly disappointed. There are very few special features. The IMAX scenes look amazing, but they just make the standard HD scenes much more obvious that they aren’t filling up my 16:9 aspect ratio television. The constant shifting between aspect […]

  • Johnny Depp as the Riddler? No Thanks

    I have the utmost faith in Christopher Nolan’s abilities. When I first saw the trailer for Batman Begins, I had no desire to head to the theatre. In fact, I waited for the DVD and was completely blown away. I kicked myself a few times for missing it’s theatrical release and hoped for a sequel. […]

  • Heath Ledger Found Dead

    So, everyone is freaking out right now about the death of 28 year old actor Heath Ledger. I am rather upset by this news. He was a very good actor. Thus far the police suspect drug overdose (accidental or not they have not said). This touches somewhat close to home for me being that I’m […]

  • Major Dark Knight Spoiler

    My inside information was confirmed today. The “cop funeral” scene is currently being shot. I was incorrect about the location. There are about 100+ cops on LaSalle, including police on horses and several people in swat uniforms. There is also an ambulance. I found out there will be a funeral procession / parade taking place […]

  • Gordon to Become Commissioner in The Dark Knight?

    I just received information about a new scene for The Dark Knight movie (sequel to Batman Begins). The scene is being filmed here in Chicago and involves a “Cop Funeral”. One can only assume we will see the death of the current commissioner, which means Gordon will most likely be rising to that position. Very […]

  • Dark Knight Set Photos: Gotham PD Car and Burned out Helicopter

    I took a stroll over to the set of the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, the Dark Knight again today. A while back I managed to take some pictures of parked Gotham City police cars, swat vehicles and bomb squad trucks. Today I was able to get a high quality photo of the Gotham Police Department […]

  • Gotham Police Department on The Dark Knight Set

    Remember the Gotham Bank photos from April? The producers of the Dark Knight used an old post office here in Chicago for the set. Well they’re at it again. This time they’ve converted the side of the building in to a Gotham Police Department, complete with cop cars, Gotham City Bombsquad trucks, and even a […]

  • Batsignal and Other Props (The Dark Knight)

    Here are some pictures I managed to snap today. I have an excellent view of the set of The Dark Knight from my office. This first one is of the back of the Batsignal. Plastic protects it from evil. The Tumbler is parked inside of this parking garage. Here’s the Batsignal again… this time wit […]

  • The Pod (The Dark Knight)

    Speaking of Batman’s ride, it seems that he’ll be cruising on what they’re calling the Pod (I will be calling it the bPod), which is just a unique motorcycle. I’m really undecided on this thing… it looks pretty cool, but seeing Christian Bale’s stunt man zipping down the street with his cape flapping in the […]

  • Batmobile Sighting in Chicago (The Dark Knight set)

    It’s no secret that The Dark Knight has been filming in chicago, I posted some photos of the Gotham National Bank a couple of months ago. Today I found out that the Batmobile was in town, so I grabbed a camera and headed to Randolph and Wells and there it was. Check out the photos […]