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  • All-Star Batman and Robin #10… now with F-Words!

    I’m late to the party with this news, but All-Star Batman and Robin #10 has some crazy swears in it. Apparently it was a mistake and DC is recalling all issues to correct the problem… by burning the tainted issues. Thankfully I have one of the problem issues. I’ll post pics when I actually get […]

  • Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #5 and The Luna Brothers’ the Sword #4 simultaneously sell out!

    Despite significant overprints, two of Image’s best-selling titles, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #5 and THE SWORD #4, simultaneously sold out at a distribution level. “Everyone on the Death Dealer team couldn’t be more excited as this marks our fifth sell out,” said Frazetta Comics editor Jay Fotos said. “We’re very thankful for Frank’s loyal, rabid […]

  • Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Returns With An All-New Collection!

    For years, fans have clamored to learn about the early days of New York Times Best-Selling author Laurell K Hamilton’s popular protagonist Anita Blake—and now the answers arrive in all-new story written for comics! Marvel is proud to present Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The First Death HC, collecting Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita […]

  • Back on the Horizon!

    The Infinite Horizon Returns to Store Shelves!

  • Action Comics #858 Review

    Well this was an unexpected surprise: a comic book featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes that left me satisfied and wanting more. Action Comics #858, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part One features yet another tale about the Superman worshiping youths of the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes. These kids are all over the DC […]

  • Supergirl #22 Mini Review

    Supergirl #22 has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. Every time I picked it up, I would end up setting it down again without even glancing inside. I was dreading it. This is the second part of a two part series entitled Reunion, and both issues are tie-ins to the worst series in […]

  • Catain America, Civil War and Marvel Comics

    A recent comment reminded me of an article I wrote about the death of Captain America. I invited the general public to get over it. It seemed the day Captain America #25 was released the media couldn’t keep from talking about it. Some fans of Captain America went in to a depression, some lashed out […]

  • Walking Dead #40 Review

    Although I might not write about every single issue of the Walking Dead, I sing Robert Kirkman’s praises on a constant basis. I tell all my comic book buddies to read the Walking Dead (if they don’t already). I tell my wife to read Walking Dead and she has barely even touched a comic book, […]

  • Action Comics #854 3-2-1 Action Part 3: ‘Pal’

    3-2-1 Action is a 3 part story spanning Action Comics 852 – 854. Kurt Busiek has maintained a pretty steady flow of good dialogue and interesting plots during his run on Action Comics, and he continues to maintain a good level of quality even during a tie-in with DC’s worst comic, Countdown. I’ve stated a […]

  • Gordon to Become Commissioner in The Dark Knight?

    I just received information about a new scene for The Dark Knight movie (sequel to Batman Begins). The scene is being filmed here in Chicago and involves a “Cop Funeral”. One can only assume we will see the death of the current commissioner, which means Gordon will most likely be rising to that position. Very […]