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  • The Walking Dead #57 Review

    Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you haven’t read up to issue #57 yet, stop now and come back later once you’ve caught up! As I have pointed out numerous times, The Walking Dead is my favorite comic book to date. It’s only competitor is Fear Agent. Time and again Robert Kirkman has pushed the […]

  • Reign of the Super Dead!

    In celebration of THE WALKING DEAD #50, Image Comics announced a limited 1-in-100 superhero variant cover featuring the art of SAVAGE DRAGON’s Erik Larsen and INVINCIBLE’s Ryan Ottley, but due to the unprecedented level of demand and retailer suggestions the cover will now be 1-in-25. “My original intention was to make this a super-rare, limited […]

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #545: A Review and Final Comments on One More Day

    Recently I reviewed The sensational Spider-Man #41 (One More Day part 3). A few days ago I finally had the chance to sit down and read the final part of One More Day and much like everyone else on the internet, I’m not very happy with the outcome. When last I reviewed One More Day, […]

  • Easter’s Got a Brand New Savior!

    This April Archibald the Aardvark reveals Hell hath no fury like an Aardvark scorned within the pages of ARCHIBALD SAVES EASTER, the much anticipated, mature readers follow up to last winter’s ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS. “Writer Dwight MacPhearson and I had too good of a time working together on ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS to not do a […]

  • Back on the Horizon!

    The Infinite Horizon Returns to Store Shelves!

  • World War III Book Four: United We Stand

    Check out a summary of Book One, Book Two and Book Three.Lookout below for spoilers. Black Adam is finally taken down by the Justice Society and the rest of the heroes from America all upon China’s soil. This is pretty much just an extended battle scene from the pages of 52 #50. We do gain […]

  • World War III Book One: A Call to Arms

    A brief summary of the first book in a mini event DC has been building towards for nearly a full year.

  • World War III is here!

    The end of 52 is in sight. The start of World War 3 is here!

  • Robert Kirkman to Tour 5 Cities in 3 Days

    Robert Kirkman will be making a 5 city grand tour May 4th (free comic book day) through the 6th. “For Kirkman’s first new creator-owned series in four years, we’re doing something big,” says Director of Marketing Mark Haven Britt. “You get an awesome new FREE comic, you get to meet Robert in person, AND you […]

  • Favorite comic book genre?

    While traditional Super Hero comics certainly have a majority hold on the popular comic market, non-traditional comics are on the rise (Teen Dramas, Science Fiction, etc.). What is your favorite comic book genre? Personally I like traditional super hero comics even though they’re repetitive and cheesy most of the time. But my all time favorite […]