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  • All-Star Batman and Robin #10… now with F-Words!

    I’m late to the party with this news, but All-Star Batman and Robin #10 has some crazy swears in it. Apparently it was a mistake and DC is recalling all issues to correct the problem… by burning the tainted issues. Thankfully I have one of the problem issues. I’ll post pics when I actually get […]

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Lords Of Avalon Brings Chaos To Camelot!

    A sword of immense power is claimed by one destined for greater things…like spreading darkness and evil throughout the world! Based on the best-selling novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon (written originally under her penname of Kinley MacGregor) comes Lords Of Avalon: Sword Of Darkness #1 (of 6), a thrilling new limited series adapted by Robin Gillespie, […]

  • Batman #667 The Island of Mister Mayhew

    I am a fan of Grant Morrison, Especially when it comes to All-Star Superman. However I haven’t been all that impressed with his run on Batman. I’m not saying it’s bad (aside from issue #663 which was absolutely horrible), it just is not what I was expecting… until issue #667. The story starts with a […]

  • Supergirl #17

    After Supergirl #16 I thought the tides were changing. I truly thought DC had turned this boat around and started making amends for bad writing with good writing. Obviously I was convinced too soon. While issue #17 was nowhere near as horrendous as previous issues, it still managed to be incredibly confusing. Last I knew, […]

  • What the?! All Star Batman and Robin is Still Around?

    I don’t usually like reviewing a comic that’s been out for several weeks. I feel like I’m late to the party… as though I’ve delayed my article for so long that people just won’t care when it finally does show up. All Star Batman and Robin #5 doesn’t count though. I feel totally justified in […]

  • Batman: Return of the Dark Knight on Youtube

    A few days ago I received a comment from Kourosh Rahimpour, the genius behind Batman Defenders of the Night and it’s sequel, Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayal. It turns out that Kourosh Rahimpur (Batman) and Arvin Tounian (Robin) have teamed up once more for a third installment entitled Batman: Return of the Dark Knight. Bruce […]

  • Robin is Creepy!

    This is from a short comic in the back of Detective Comics #451 featuring Robin the Teen Wonder. What is it that Robin has planned for Lori? Why is he taking her deep in to the woods? And what’s with the look on his face? He looks like a creepy redneck. On a side note, […]

  • Green Arrow #70

    Well that was a short read, even for a Green Arrow, but fun regardless. I really enjoy the quick dry wit that Judd Winick brings to the series, and although I’m not a huge fan of Scott McDaniel and Andy Owen’s cartoon-like art, it’s a good match for Winick. I’m a little annoyed over the […]

  • Detective Comics #826: Excellent Issue

    I didn’t plan on writing about Detective Comics #826, one because it came out a couple months ago, and two because I’ve done nothing but crap on Batman lately and figured that’s what I would be doing here as well. After reading the issue, I couldn’t help but write a quick review. This was a […]

  • Batman: Grotesk

    Grotesk, the title of the current Batman 4 part story arc, came to a close yesterday with Batman #662… thank god. This arc, written by John Ostrander, is cliche from head to toe. The dialogue is sophomoric and the art (by Tom Mandrake) is lacking. Grotesk ties Detective Comics #825 for title of the worst […]