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  • Supergirl #24 Ghosts of Krypton Part 2: Star Child… The Final Straw!

    After two years of waiting for a decent story line, Supergirl has failed me for the final time. Two years ago I started reading Supergirl. The first several issues had decent art (if you like Michael Turner) minus the fact that Supergirl looked to be in her early twenties rather than her supposed age of […]

  • Supergirl #22 Mini Review

    Supergirl #22 has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. Every time I picked it up, I would end up setting it down again without even glancing inside. I was dreading it. This is the second part of a two part series entitled Reunion, and both issues are tie-ins to the worst series in […]

  • Supergirl #20 No Good Deed…

    No more Joe Kelly obviously doesn’t mean no more bad story lines. Supergirl #20 is just as disjointed as any other issue of Supergirl. This is due to the entire issue being an Amazons Attack tie-in. Quite honestly I’m getting sick of all these random tie-ins. Both Superman and Action Comics have been stuffing Countdown […]

  • Supergirl #19 Review (the Greatly Anticipated end of Joe Kelly’s Run)

    Joe Kelly (writer) finally ended his amazingly horrible run of Supergirl… and what a way to go out! Thanks for giving me a really terrible issue to trash, Kelly. This thing was so bad I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the cover even though this doesn’t fall under the […]

  • Supergirl #17

    After Supergirl #16 I thought the tides were changing. I truly thought DC had turned this boat around and started making amends for bad writing with good writing. Obviously I was convinced too soon. While issue #17 was nowhere near as horrendous as previous issues, it still managed to be incredibly confusing. Last I knew, […]

  • Mary Jane Comiquette Statue… good god!

    The interwebs are all abuzz about the Mary Jane Comiquette statue. I don’t know what the big deal is though. Marvel is obviously just trying to outdo the DC Supergirl statue. At least Mary Jane is of legal age… Supergirl is SIXTEEN… let’s not forget that. Oh, what’s that you say? She’s actually older than […]

  • Supergirl is NOT for Girls

    I don’t give a crap what Eddie Berganza says. Supergirl is NOT for girls and this statue pretty much proves it (Warning: this thing is barely work safe… no pun intended). So girls, what do you think? Want to give the Supergirl series a chance? Yea… I didn’t think so.

  • World War 3 in Review

    World War III has come and gone, and in it’s wake lies a pool of disappointment.

  • World War III Book Two: The Valiant

    Earlier today I summarized World War III Book One: A Call to Arms. As was mentioned in that article, spoilers will abound in these summaries, so skip over them if you’re planning on reading World War 3. I’ll be doing an overall review later tonight. In World War III Book One, we left off with […]

  • World War III is here!

    The end of 52 is in sight. The start of World War 3 is here!