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  • My Little Pony Mods

    A friend of mine just sent me a link to Mari Kasurinen’s My Little Pony Mods. Most of them are sold out, but they’re still fun to look at. My favorites are displayed below, but you should definitely head over to Mari’s site to check out the rest.

  • Refacing Government Tender

    Refacing Government Tender is an awesome photoset by Joe D on Flickr. He takes US cash and turns the images of dead presidents in to funny portraits. My favorites are the comic book characters. These are a few of my favorites. Check out the rest on Joe D’s Flickr Photo Stream.

  • Action Comics #865 The Terrible Toyman

    I know Geoff Johns must have written a bad comic at some point, but if he has I haven’t read it yet. This issue was excellent just like everything he’s ever written. Warning: there be spoilers in this review. Action Comics #865: The Terrible Toyman gives us a glimpse inside the Toyman’s psychotic mind as […]

  • Supergirl #24 Ghosts of Krypton Part 2: Star Child… The Final Straw!

    After two years of waiting for a decent story line, Supergirl has failed me for the final time. Two years ago I started reading Supergirl. The first several issues had decent art (if you like Michael Turner) minus the fact that Supergirl looked to be in her early twenties rather than her supposed age of […]

  • Action Comics #858 Review

    Well this was an unexpected surprise: a comic book featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes that left me satisfied and wanting more. Action Comics #858, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part One features yet another tale about the Superman worshiping youths of the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes. These kids are all over the DC […]

  • Supergirl #22 Mini Review

    Supergirl #22 has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. Every time I picked it up, I would end up setting it down again without even glancing inside. I was dreading it. This is the second part of a two part series entitled Reunion, and both issues are tie-ins to the worst series in […]

  • Catain America, Civil War and Marvel Comics

    A recent comment reminded me of an article I wrote about the death of Captain America. I invited the general public to get over it. It seemed the day Captain America #25 was released the media couldn’t keep from talking about it. Some fans of Captain America went in to a depression, some lashed out […]

  • Action Comics #854 3-2-1 Action Part 3: ‘Pal’

    3-2-1 Action is a 3 part story spanning Action Comics 852 – 854. Kurt Busiek has maintained a pretty steady flow of good dialogue and interesting plots during his run on Action Comics, and he continues to maintain a good level of quality even during a tie-in with DC’s worst comic, Countdown. I’ve stated a […]

  • Supergirl #20 No Good Deed…

    No more Joe Kelly obviously doesn’t mean no more bad story lines. Supergirl #20 is just as disjointed as any other issue of Supergirl. This is due to the entire issue being an Amazons Attack tie-in. Quite honestly I’m getting sick of all these random tie-ins. Both Superman and Action Comics have been stuffing Countdown […]

  • Batman #667 The Island of Mister Mayhew

    I am a fan of Grant Morrison, Especially when it comes to All-Star Superman. However I haven’t been all that impressed with his run on Batman. I’m not saying it’s bad (aside from issue #663 which was absolutely horrible), it just is not what I was expecting… until issue #667. The story starts with a […]