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  • Supergirl #19 Review (the Greatly Anticipated end of Joe Kelly’s Run)

    Joe Kelly (writer) finally ended his amazingly horrible run of Supergirl… and what a way to go out! Thanks for giving me a really terrible issue to trash, Kelly. This thing was so bad I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the cover even though this doesn’t fall under the […]

  • Supergirl #17

    After Supergirl #16 I thought the tides were changing. I truly thought DC had turned this boat around and started making amends for bad writing with good writing. Obviously I was convinced too soon. While issue #17 was nowhere near as horrendous as previous issues, it still managed to be incredibly confusing. Last I knew, […]

  • What the?! All Star Batman and Robin is Still Around?

    I don’t usually like reviewing a comic that’s been out for several weeks. I feel like I’m late to the party… as though I’ve delayed my article for so long that people just won’t care when it finally does show up. All Star Batman and Robin #5 doesn’t count though. I feel totally justified in […]

  • World War 3 in Review

    World War III has come and gone, and in it’s wake lies a pool of disappointment.

  • Green Arrow #73

    Green Arrow is on his way out of the office… and out of a comic.

  • All-Star Superman #7

    One word… Zibbaro!

  • Supergirl #16 Surprisingly Not Terrible

    I have done nothing but bad mouth Supergirl lately and was all geared up to take down Supergirl #16 when something unexpected happened. It turned out to be a fairly decent issue. As you may or may not know, Supergirl is constantly haunted by her sordid past with memories of killing people on Krypton at […]

  • Action Comics #847

    No sooner had I written about Superman deviating to lesser characters mid-way through a story arc, than I picked up and read Action Comics #847. Action comics has been a pretty solid title as of late thanks to the combo of Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert. Unfortunately these two greats have nothing to do with […]

  • Superman #660 the Prankster

    What has gotten in to Superman as of late? One moment we’re reading the Camelot Falls story arc, in which Superman finds out he is the cause of mass destruction in the near future. The next thing you know, we’re reading pointless filler stories about minor characters. First we follow around an old woman who […]

  • The Fate of Supergirl

    We’re all sick of Supergirl. DC knows this… now what do they plan on doing about it?