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  • Flashpoint

    It has been over a year since an article has been posted to this site and a lot has changed in the world of comics since then. One of the biggest changes that has hit very recently is the reboot launch[ref]DC has been quoted as saying that The New 52 is not a reboot, but […]

  • Cliff Chiang on Designing for Threadless

    Artist Cliff Chiang just posted to the Threadless blogs regarding his recently designed and printed Threadless Tee, Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 3, Vol. 1. Besides the interesting behind the scenes perspective on his design process, he also tells us about an easter egg of sorts on the shirt: “If you scan […]

  • Threadless X-Men Tee

    Community driven tee-shirt company Threadless released a new shirt today entitled X-Menagerie. It depicts key X-Men characters as various animals, such as Beast as a gorilla, Iceman as a polar bear and Storm as a horse. This comic book trend that Threadless has been on pleases me. Last week they released four shirts which are […]

  • The Walking Dead Leaked AMC Trailer from Comic-Con

    I am extremely excited for the upcoming AMC Walking Dead adaptation. Earlier this morning I stumbled across this bootleg of the trailer that an audience member shot at the Walking Dead Comic-Con panel. Be sure to watch it now as it most likely won’t be up for much longer.

  • Axe Cop – the Greatest Comic Ever Written

    I haven’t posted a single thing in a very long time. In fact, it’s been almost a year since my last pitiful excuse for a post. I haven’t wanted to write. I simply haven’t felt inspired. I had overwhelmed myself by reading too many comic books. In fact my hobby had become a chore, and […]

  • My Little Pony Mods

    A friend of mine just sent me a link to Mari Kasurinen’s My Little Pony Mods. Most of them are sold out, but they’re still fun to look at. My favorites are displayed below, but you should definitely head over to Mari’s site to check out the rest.

  • Refacing Government Tender

    Refacing Government Tender is an awesome photoset by Joe D on Flickr. He takes US cash and turns the images of dead presidents in to funny portraits. My favorites are the comic book characters. These are a few of my favorites. Check out the rest on Joe D’s Flickr Photo Stream.

  • The Walking Dead #57 Review

    Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you haven’t read up to issue #57 yet, stop now and come back later once you’ve caught up! As I have pointed out numerous times, The Walking Dead is my favorite comic book to date. It’s only competitor is Fear Agent. Time and again Robert Kirkman has pushed the […]

  • Holy crap… I’m swamped!

    Anyone who bothers to keep up with my blog knows that I haven’t been writing much lately. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is a lack of time. I haven’t even had enough time to read my comic books, let along write about them. Well I’m taking this extended weekend to […]

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I just got done watching a bootlegged trailer of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although I’ve slammed the very concept of this movie in the past, I have to admit it looks rather promising. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Gambit ( as portrayed by Taylor Kitsch ) in this film. Check out the trailer while you […]