Category: Retro-review

  • Marvel’s Greatest Comics #61

    In this issue of Marvel’s Greatest Comics, the Thing has been transformed from the Ever Lovin’ hunk of rock that he normally is, to regular old human, Ben Grimm. Apparently his new mug is so rugged and manly, Johnny Storm’s girlfriend can’t keep her hands… or lips, off him! Johnny’s reaction is classic… bursting in […]

  • 1985 Ewoks #2 Retro-Review

    Twenty one years and five months ago, Star Comics (a former imprint of Marvel Comics) released Ewoks issue #2. If you don’t know what an Ewok is, you most likely have never seen Star Wars Return of the Jedi, or any of the various Ewok movies. So for the rare few of you who don’t […]

  • Action Comics #241 Retro-Review

    Get ready for an old-fasioned jabbing!